2007 Mazda RX-8 - Codes

Mazda 2007 rx8 148.000 mi took trip 300 miles car ran perfect no problems got home shut car off after cool down next day no start all fuses tested OK has gas turns over no start 3 different code scanners 0 codes every time no start spark to plugs good everything points to run but will not. did key test exactly like manual said everything works any help been stranded in mountains over 30 days now

I would suspect a crankshaft position sensor. If you are trying to fix this yourself, get a can of starting fluid. Open the air cleaner box, remove the filter and spray starter fluid into the hose leading to the engine while someone cranks the engine for you. If it starts and runs for a few seconds, you have a fuel problem. Maybe a pump.

If it doesn’t start, check for spark. If there is none, I’d really suspect the crank position sensor. They are about $50-80 but I have no idea where it is located on a rotary engine.