2007 Lincoln Town Car

cylinder # 6 misfire

That is a statement.

Hello, can you please tell us a bit more about your vehicle and the misfire?

misfires are usually diagnosed by swapping things between cyl 6 and another cylinder which isn’t currently misfiring. If the misfire follows the thing you swapped, that gives you a big clue what’s wrong. coils and injectors are the gadgets to start swapping. that’d be where I’d start anyway.

…duly noted…

Could be a bad coil pack.

could try swapping that coil with cylinder #7 and see if the miss moves. Might just be a bad coil.

I would call this a “coil pack” (1995 Town Car):

And this a “coil” (2007 Town Car):

You would be correct. The 4.6L went over one-coil-per-cylinder in early 2000’s when P.I. upgrades came through