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2007 Lexus IS 250 - shimmy in steering

At low speeds (20-30mph) there is a noticeable shimmy in the steering.
The tires are inflated and looks ok.
Hopefully it’s not a major problem.


If you have a question for us, tell us a lot more about your car, the tires, the wheels the mileage, really anything more than you’ve shared so far or anything we post will be a just a wild guess.

But have you actually checked the tire pressure ? Have you rotated them as you should ? Are they old tires ? Have you considered having the wheels balanced .

That is just a few things that you could do to solve this cryptic problem .

They usually look OK from the outside, turn the steering all the way to the left or right and look at the inside edge of the front tires. Do you see steel belts hanging out?

BTW, you can’t rotate the tires on an IS 250 unless it is an AWD model.