2007 Hyundai Santa Fe - P0734/0738 codes

have 2007 hyundai sante fe 3.3l v6 and my check engine light is on and the codes are p0734 and p0738 says it is the gear shift not shifting into gears

Could be one of these for P0734

Low or dirty transmission fluid
Mechanical failure inside transmission
Internal blockage inside transmission main control
Faulty Shift solenoid
Faulty transmission control module

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For the P0738 causes may be;

Defective Engine Speed Sensor (ESS)
Defective ECM (Engine Control Module)
Defective TCM (Transmission Control Module)
Wiring issue
Dirty pickup on the ESS Connector problem

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Faulty TCM is common to both faults but I’d for sure check the fluid level first. I’d use a scanner to read the engine speed sensors - if it starts and runs, likely not the problem. I’d also try and read the TCM itself. If the scanner is designed to read the TCM and it won’t, then likely the TCM is bad.

If you don’t have the tools or don’t understand what I posted, see your local independent auto shop.