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2007 Hyundai Elantra GLS Battery

I tried to get a new battery today. My mechanic got one, they told me it wasn’t the “right size” and they tried to call another shop. The next shop they called didn’t have one. I bought one tonight from Auto Zone. I can’t get the posts to fit on the battery. They seem too small. What in the world? Is there a battery that fits this thing? I don’t need any more stress, my husband left me last month, my kid’s failing 3rd grade…please help.

The posts are different sizes for positive and negative. Red goes to +. Try that, the autozone battery should be fine. Look at the bright side, your husband left you last month (my humor). I had some friends who had a kid that flunked kindergarten, I felt bad for them but everything worked out better. I don’t know why your boy is failing 3rd grade, but try a hon, is everything ok? listen. Is there trouble at school. listen. Do you want to be in third grade again while your friends go to fourth? listen. By then you may have an idea of what is going on in his head. Has he been ADD tested, vision tested? Then this time is hard for all of us, I need your help so we can all make it through, can you work with me on this? and treat him like an individual capable of making the right decision, and guide him towards it. Famous star wars quote, the tighter you close your grasp the quicker they slip through your fingers. If you wish dismiss all I said except the battery posts.

When all else fails, go to your local Hyundai dealer.
They WILL have a battery that fits your car.


Thank you all! I returned the battery from Auto Zone. The posts were too short for the size of the clamps. I went to another shop and had one shipped in from a different city, believe it or not! This one fits, was cheaper, and had a rebate of $5 too! It’s funny how things can make a day fall apart or go smoothly. I used this as a lesson about attitude with my boy. I tried not to let it make me nuts, as hard as it was! (As for the other stuff, you are so right about the ex, no more addictions to deal with and peace in the house! The kid’s been tested for and has ADD, I know his vision is good-that’s my day job! Asking questions & listening doesn’t work, but I do try when we are together and again every night before bed. You are right about the guidance and the decisions. Thanks for reminding me to allow HIM to work on that. If he fails it won’t be the end of the world. Maybe the beginning of a bright future for him if it’s helpful!) Thanks for assisting me during a trying week. (Today would have been my 25th wedding anniversary.)