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2007 Ford Fusion - 1 tire or 4?

Do I really have to replace all four tires on an all wheel drive 2007 Ford Fusion when one is destroyed?

A lot of it depends on how much tread is on the other 3 tires . Without knowing the measurements it is hard to answer the question . Is that what the tire shop said?

Is this th car you would take on road trips? If so I wouldget the same size make and model tire and have it shaved to match the others, but only if the others had at least 60% or the tread depth left.

If this is a second or around town car, I would look for a tire that matched the circumference of the other 3. Biffer brand or model of tires vary even in the same nominal size or even find a good used tire.

If replacing all four tires were required that statement would be in the owners manual but it is not. For the most part it is a myth, most vehicles do not require all four tires to be replaced. Only some vehicles like Subarus do not allow much variance in tire diameter because of the center differential design…

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What I really want to know is what’s the worst that could happen if I just replace the one tire with same size new one?

The worst is drive line damage . But you still have not gave the tread measurements of the remaining tires or the age ( tires also need to be replaced by number of years in service ) or what the tire shop said. I myself would at least put 2 new tires on the rear but with so many buy 3 get four deals out there why not do that.

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If the other three are near the end of their tread depth life, why not replace all 4 and be done with it. If they are near new with almost new tire tread depth, then just get one.

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