2007 Ford Focus - Won't keep running

My car starts but wont stay running?

So? Could be tons of reason for a car that wont stay running. You need to go and see an independant mechanic to troubleshoot the problem.

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The next time you go to start the car, hold the gas pedal down slightly.

If the engine starts and keeps running, the Idle Air Control valve is either dirty or defective.



Good chance it’s a faulty idle air control mentioned above. Might not be the part itself, instead the electrical control to it. Ask your shop to check for that before replacing the part. Sticking throttle body is another possibility. If none of the above, other ideas, in no particular order

  • vacuum leak
  • pcv system problem
  • ignition system problem, including spark plugs, sensors, etc
  • some ignition systems use different circuity for controlling starting vs running. Could be only the running component is faulty.
  • fuel system problem, including fuel pump, etc
  • engine wear or damage, such as low compression
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