2007 Ford Focus or sometthing else? $7000 year 2007

We have to buy a new car, we have $7000. We need a 2007 car (so that we can get a loan).

We have been doing some research and came back with good feedback for the Ford FOcus 2007. Is that a good car? Can I get something better for that price in that year?


we would like a car that’s realiable, good gas mileage, and not too small.

Hyundai Sonata

Get the CR automotive issue and look at choices recommended. The focus may be one I’m sure, but for a car at 7k, you may want the best buy regardless of make; as long as it’s reliable. You will then have several to look for and your chances for getting a better car and deal will go up dramatically.

Those are generally very good, but you need to have it inspected, like any other used car, and you need to make sure it has been properly maintained…

These Vehicles Seem To Be Bargained Price. Find One With Relatively Low Miles, One Owner If Possible, And Maintenance Records To Look At, Too. It Takes Work, But It’s Worth It In The Long Run.

I’m not even a Ford lover, but if I had to make a purchase like the one you’re looking to make, I’d consider one of these. If you find a private owner sale, see if you can tell whether or not the answer you get is believable when you look the owner in the eyes and ask “Why are you selling it ?”

Drive several of these to get a feel for how they should feel and to compare features and go for an extended test drive in the one you’re considering.

I don’t think you could do much better unless you happen onto an 08 in that range.