2007 Ford Fiesta - Oil cap was off

I drove to work this morning and half way through the day one of my collages noticed that oil was all over my bonnet. When I opened my enige, I saw that the oil cap was off, I have no idea when this happend, most probably while it was parked. Does anyone know what the reason for this can be ? And is it safe for me to drive my car to a shop ?

Do not start the engine or drive until you check the oil level and add as necessary. Then do not start the vehicle, do you have someone that can get you a new cap? After oil is added and a new oil filler cap is installed then it should be fine provided engine was not starved of oil after the cap came off.
Likely the cap was not tightened correctly after last service and vibrated off.


Purebred is most likely correct but there’s another possibility. Pressure could have built up in the crankcase and blown the cap off. It happened years ago to a company-issue Ford I was driving. I’m not a mechanic so I won’t speculate as to the cause but first make sure there’s oil and then describe what happened to a mechanic you trust and have the car checked out.

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