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2007 Ford Explorer 2 wheel dr Engine problems

I need some help. I have a 2007 Explorer with around 79,000 miles on it and it has been in for assorted repairs over the last 6 months. Cooling issues, Losing all Coolant, Rough sounding engine, Stalling while driving, The mechanic has said they replaced much of everything each time I take it in. But now it was in for a fuel pump and while they were test driving it he said the Internal balance Shaft exploded and shrapnel is in the engine. His solution replace the engine with a 2008 has 38k on it for $2K. Does this sound right?

Do these Explorers have issues like this? Can Ford assist, it is at a independent shop.

If the balance shaft grenaded in the engine, you have two choices.

Replace the engine or replace the vehicle.

If they can replace the engine for $2K that’s the cheapest route.


They don’t have problems like this if they’re properly maintained and, when something does break, repair by a competent mechanic.

There are too many “red flags:” in the history you describe to not suspect that the maintenance and possibly the competency of the shop is in question. Somethin’ ain’t right with this picture.

I would have to agree with TSM. Something aint right with this picture. I have done a little looking and it appears Ford did not offer the 4.0 liter v6 engine with a balance shaft for the two wheel drive model. Appears it was offered with the Sport Trac package which is four wheel drive I believe. Of course from where I sit there’s no way I would know if maybe the engine was changed and a balance shaft engine used.

It’s possible the original cooling problems and resultant overheating caused some internal engine damage at some point, and the balance shaft is just the symptom. If you can get a replacement engine w/only 38 K miles on it installed for $2K, that sounds like a very good deal to me. Almost too good of a deal … hmmm … well, I’d echo the same cautions as posted above, so – unless you’ve had years of good experience w/this shop — its probably a good idea to get a second opinion on this before agreeing to let them install a replacement engine. And if you do decide to use this shop, make sure you understand what the warranty is, and to get that in writing. At the minimum you should get a 6 months to 1 year parts and labor warranty on the replacement engine I’d expect. Most any existing engine problem on a 38 K miles engine will likely show up within 6 months, so its well worth even having a 6 month warranty.

Thanks all. I have had the vehicle since it was new so maintenance has been followed to a tee. It was even a fleet car under a managed maintenance program for 4 years. My gut tell me it is the shop, The mech continues to point to different reason things have failed after he has installed “new” or Reconditioned parts. Good thing it blew while he was test driving it.

Followed to a tee and managed maintenance program doesn’t mean that much to me. Exactly what has been the oil change regimen since new both as to miles and time.
It would also help to know if this fleet driving was mostly short hop, city driving.

I fully agree with @ok4450‌

I’m a civil service fleet mechanic, and some of my colleagues do NOT do a good job maintaining the vehicles

To be fair, sometimes the supervisors also don’t want to authorize “big ticket” maintenance, such as spark plugs, coolant services, valve adjustments, etc.