2007 Ford Edge - smoking under the hood

2007 Ford Edge under the hood is smoking and coming inside. When checking oil pressure its fine, Seems like a leak coming from right side (when sitting behind steering wheel on inside) I had a one time a steering fluid leak

Find leak, have a nice day.

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Yep, my guess, valve cover gasket leaking.

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I’m guessing some oil-like substance is leaking onto the exhaust system, and creating the smoke. It doesn’t take much to create a lot of smoke so the fluid level for what’s causing it may not be down much at all. PVTP’s idea above to ask your shop to focus on finding what’s leaking seems the best approach. Note that gasoline leaks can create smoke, and can be very dangerous, so don’t defer.


Thank you very much I have not thought of that will check and let you know, again, thanks.

Aren’t leaks annoying as all get-out? Hopefully some future invention will produce cars entirely leak-free. At least until they are monkeyed with by later mechanics. Seems to me a new car should remain leak free indefinitely until something has to be taken apart for some reason.

Any seal on a rotating shaft is going to leak eventually. It’s a wear point.

Even compression gaskets will eventually leak but it takes a lot longer if designed properly. Thermal cycling, age take their toll…

Thank you for the info