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2007 Ford Edge Leak

Parked on a slight decline in my driveway and after I moved the car, a 2007 Ford Edge SEL AWD, there was a spot caused by condensation dripping from the AC, but in the middle was a thick very black oil spot about 1 inch in diameter, checked other areas where the car was parked and no spots or very small drip spots the same dark color, also there is an “oily odor” in the cabin that is intermittent when running the AC.

Any assistance would be appreciated

This might need putting the car on a lift and looking underneath. Is the AC working properly?

If you are seeing oil in the condensation, you may have a small leak in the AC system. There is oil in the Freon for the compressor. So Galant’s question is a good one have you noticed any AC performance issues?

I would be looking closely at the PTU seal… The PTU (Power Transfer Unit) is part of the AWD system and sits on the passenger rear side of the Autotransaxle… IF you are seeing a dark looking fluid I would have this inspected, Very possible it is the Right side axle shaft seal. Oil leaking from this location will often drip on exhaust tube that passes below this location. This would explain the smell and the fact that the PTU is located rearward in the lower engine compartment would be in the general area of the AC drain. I would not wait too long to have it inspected, running the ptu dry is not advised.