2007 Dodge Grand Caravan losing oil

losing oil none on driveway

@sandy06 - do you mean you can tell you’re losing oil, but you don’t see any on the driveway?

If you have lost your oil, and it’s not on your driveway, maybe you just left it at work. Or ask you neighbors, maybe one of them has seen your oil.


Did you let the car run the car on the driveway for some time, and still no oil? If that is the case, it’s “using oil” as we say, and not leaking… How many miles on the car? What year?

Some cars only use oil at high speed, indicating the engine is starting to wear out.

Please supply additional info, including how MUCH oil it is using.

Okay, I’ll bite… then what is it on?

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When the producers would meet with him and ask what the show was about, Seinfeld told them it was actually a show about nothing.

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