2007 Dodge Caliber MIL light on



2007 Dodge Caliber MIL light is on (solid). I went to Auto Zone. They said the code is P0441. First thing I tried was replacing the gas cap. It didn’t work. Please help. What should I do next? I don’t want to get soaked by an auto mechanic or the Dodge dealer.


This code indicates a problem with the purge flow in the EVAP system.

Since the gas cap was not the solution, that means that you now have to look at the lines themselves (believe it or not, sometimes spider nests in the lines interfere with the flow), the solenoid valve(s) in the EVAP system, and the carbon canister that is the heart of the system.

The canister is a really expensive item, so keep your fingers crossed that some spiders decided to take up residence in the lines, or that a valve in the lines has gone bad. Some compressed air should take care of the spiders.

If it turns out to be a solenoid valve, it is possible that the warranty on the car’s emissions system may cover it. Time to read the details on the Emissions Warranty in your Owner’s Manual!

Also–if you or any of the car’s other drivers have been in the habit of “topping off” the tank, please be aware that this is a frequent cause of EVAP problems.


Thank you very much for the info. I really appreciate it. Wow, I didn’t know topping off the tank could cause EVAP problems. I’ll read the owner’s manual first to see what might be covered under warranty before I call my local Dodge dealer.
If it’s Not under warranty, do I have to go to a Dodge dealer? Or should I just suck it up and deal with the Dodge dealer? Thanks again for your help.