2007 Civic EX brake adjustment

My Honda dealer said he adjusted the brakes on my 2007 Civic EX (disk brakes all round).

How was that done?

It wasn’t.
If you paid for a brake adjustment on your disc brakes, then you were scammed.

The brakes are self-adjusting. There is no manual adjustment. Someone’s not telling the truth.

How much did they charge for this non-service?

Wait guys. There is an adjustment that can be made to the brake pedal. There is an adjustment to make sure there is proper free-play between the pedal and the master cylinder on the actuator rod. Sometimes, these are not properly set at the factory. I’ve personally seen this in past cars.

It was done as part of 40k service. I was curious because I had never adjusted my cars with 4 wheel disk brakes. If they indeed, just adjusted the pedal, does that mean I will have to re-adjust it when I replace the pads?

Possibly an adjustment to the parking brake also.

No. This adjustment is just between the master cylinder and the pedal, or, as UncleTurbo noted, maybe even a parking brake cable adjustment. Both of these are independent of the pad wear. The parking brake adjustment may need to be done again if the cables stretch, but the pedal adjustment should not need to be done again unless the master cylinder or booster is worked on.

The service adviser must have gotten your car mixed up with the 1933 Duesenberg which was in for its 400k service. It’s an easy confusion. Happens all the time.

While I agree that there are adjustments that can be made to the parking brake and to the actuator rod, these adjustments are generally made during a brake job or repair job respectively. They’re not a normal part of 40,000 mile inspections.

Personally, I agree with VDC. If they charged you for this you got scammed.

Or, as Kit suggested, they thought your car was a Deusie.

He is the same one that said that they “do not check the water in the battery. They just replace it when it dies”. The battery has holes in the top for some reason and it isn’t just to let the battery breathe.