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2007 Chrysler Minivan transmission problem

I went to a Valvoline service stop-I know better and won’t do it again- for a quick oil change. They offered me a transmission fluid as I was near 60K and it is required maintenance to maintain my warranty. I went ahead and did it. Sadly, I don’t know my car well and when it started to shudder, I didn’t immediately realize it was an issue. I went back after 3 weeks, had them check levels, and they topped them off. Problems still happening so I went to the dealer. They tell me the transmission needs to be rebuilt, and it isn’t covered under warranty. They suggest I go after Valvoline to cover the repair. my husband has been trying to argue our case with them. Question for the board. Valvoline states their MaxLife Fluid exceeds the recommendations for my ATF +4 transmission loving vehicle. We managed to get the specs for both fluids, and they don’t match. anyone know which numbers matter? For example the ATF+4 Viscosity at 100C cSt is 7.55 typically, and @40C cSt it is 34.13. MAx Life is 6.11 and 28.18 for those same levels. The index is 198 and 173. What do those numbers mean, and how can I argue my case. The dealership says they can’t prove it was the fluid, but the car was FINE before I went in, and not afterwards. It also shot out a overheating Transmission error when I brought it in.

Any advice would be wonderful, but please be kind. I know I made a dumb mistake going there, and I won’t go back. I was trying to do the right thing and could not reach my hubby on the phone that morning to get his approval so I made the call to go ahead and do it when the guy suggested it, I just wanted to get my oil done since I was overdue for that. I feel sick over this whole issue.

Thanks to all responders!

So, what is the transmission doing now? Just shudder?

If so, I will do 2 or 3 pan drop and transmission fluid change with ATF 4 and see if it goes away. Most rebuilt diagnosis given is not needed. The Chrysler transmissions are very picky about the type of ATF that goes in, but usually they do not implode because of it, just die a slow death. So you might be able to do some damage control. For the pan drop and ATF change, if you or hubby aren’t doing it, then find an independent shop, buy the ATF 4 and watch them pour it in.

As far as the Valvoline specs, I am not sure, would not even believe what they state they put in it. What does the receipt say? Not sure if it matters though.

Maxlife does NOT meet ATF+4 specs. I know this from having to do work on a Chrysler transmission I used to own and considered all possibilities for fluids in an effort to save money. I suggest following galant’s advice as this may work to save your transmission.

This is exactly why I harp on NO FLUSHES. Pan drop and filter change only unless your fluid is contaminated. Three things wrong here. #1: Quickie lube shop. #2. Flushing without dropping the pan and changing the filter. #3. Quickie lube fluid instead of OEM fluid ATF+4 .Now ask these knuckleheads whats wrong with your trans. You are going to get a lot of head scratching and shrugged shoulders, “well, I dont know”…What?? You dont know?? YOU worked on it, you BETTER know. If you dont know you better not be working on it. Putting flush machines in the hands of amaturs should be outlawed.
What happened is they didnt drop the pan and clean it out real good and change the filter and now the trash from the pan is in the valve body and cooler. The overheating is because of that trash and if it truly is overheating you are going to be replacing the entire radiator because once its obstructed its next to impossible to flush out. Now, why do they not drop the pan and change the filter first?? Because it takes up too much time. A simple quick flush is gravy work for them. You are in and out and they get a quick easy $100-$150.

Moral: Dont let anyone but a certified trans tech work on your automatic.