2007 Chrysler 300 - fluids spraying

Fluids spraying by engine when I turn the AC on?

I don’t know , do they ?

What fluids? What color are they? Do you have any idea where they’re coming from? Condensation dripping when the AC is running is normal.

Fluids look like coolant but car is not overheating. Only spraying fluid whenever I turn on AC??

Offhand I’d say the coolant reservoir is overflowing when the AC is on. The AC compressor makes the engine work harder and run hotter. If you’re not getting an indication of overheating the temperature sensor could be bad. Let the car sit and run with the AC on and then raise the hood. If the reservoir is overflowing it should be fairly apparent.

whereabouts around the engine is it spraying? Top, bottom, sides. Probably hasn’t lost enough coolant yet to overheat the engine, but sooner or later it will… well, sooner.