2007 chevrolet captiva



Hi, I have 2007 chevrolet captiva and when I stop at a traffic light whether i have the air conditioner on or off the temperature keeps rising to red level and as soon as i start moving the temperature starts to go back to normal level?


Check for proper operation of the electric radiator cooling fan(s).



Checking coolant level and pressure could be helpful also.


Just curious,what is a Captiva and what country is it sold in.I agree with tester (always a good idea) that you should check your fan operation, if you fan doesn’t come on when your temp is going up when stopped your car will overheat. The only time you need a fan for cooling is when stopped or pulling a steep hill or heavy trailer. I once saw a Dodge minivan that only overheated at a steady speed between 45-50. It had been in an accident an the fan was mistakenly re-wired to run backwards.


Thank you Tester, waterboy and oldtimer 11.
Captive is one of Chevrolet cars that is being made in Korea and they sell it in Asia.