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2007 Chevrolet Avalanche airbag recall

I own a '07 Chevy Avalanche (My favorite vehicle ever!). It is involved in the airbag recall but is under a “remedy not yet available” status. Should I pull the airbag fuses? Thanks.

That is entirely up to you to decide. The inflators can send shrapnel into the driver’s face IF the vehicle has been in “moist” areas of the country for its life. If that’s where your truck lived, I’d pull the fuse if it were mine, but that’s me. I’d rather take my chances with the 3 point belts only.

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This recall involves the passenger airbag inflator, if the passenger seat is vacant the “passenger airbag off” light should be lit, that airbag will not deploy in a collision. Have your passengers sit in the back seat until this recall is completed.

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On my car, if there is no one sitting in the passenger seat, the light is off,

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That is what I did until I was able to get my vehicle to the dealership for the Takata recall.