2007 Camry LE: Missing Exhaust Manifold Cover?

Just purchased a new 2007 Camry LE last week and I love it. At the dealership I noticed that some Camry’s randomly have a cover that covers what appears to be the exhaust manifold attached to the front of the engine. The cover was absent on my car. I asked the salesman about this and was told thats how the cars ship from the factory. Seems strange that some cars get the cover and others don’t.

Any thoughts on this? Is it a concern?

Picture I found showing the cover:


Don’t ask the salesmen about mechanical things or what comes on engines. They don’t know. You have to ask the mechanics. Specifically, the service manager.

Agreed; skip asking the salesmen anything. Very, very few of them even know anything about a car except what’s in the sales brochures.

That looks like an exhaust manifold heat shield and it should be in place IMHO.
Heat from the exhaust manifold can cook rubber parts that are located nearby and in some cases, can harm the paint on the hood over time.

Go talk to the guys in the service dept. and see what’s going on with this.
Ask them if a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) was done on this car (it should have been) and why this was not caught at that time.
All cars should go through a PDI before they are even put out on the lot for sale.

I sure do not see any logic in saying that some have it, some don’t.

It probably has to do with the engine or options ordered with that particular car. A higher output, performance engine may need to shield the exhaust manifold since it produces more heat. Did you bother to check on the engine differences or optional equipment? Powerplants are built in a separate factory in most cases. They are configured generically and it’s not known what vehicle they will be installed into at that time.

I looked at another 4cyl LE it had it. I looked at a higher trim model-XLE it didnt have it. I’ll speak with the Service Manager and ask about it. Thanks everyone!