2007 Camry Hybrid Water Pump needing replacement



I was shocked to hear that our Camry Hybrid needed a water pump replaced with only 49K miles on it because it was leaking. This seems really odd to me with an almost new car and low mileage. So not Toyota. Is this a possible issue with the Hybrids as it is with their tires needed replacement sooner and brake pads wearing faster due to the weight and batteries?


This does seem unusual. Did you see the leak yourself, or did they “find” it while the car was in for service?


Guess what, you do not have a new car anymore. It is 3 years old and has 50K miles. While the water pump may not have lasted as long as most, it is not that unusual for a water pump to spring a leak. Even a Toyota water pump.

Most tires supplied from the factory seem to last only about 30K miles and my Honda tires were shot at 23K miles. Brake pad wear is widely variable based on how the driver uses the brakes and how many city vs highway miles a car racks up.

If you are not happy with your Toyota Camry Hybrid, you now have more options and perhaps you can try a Ford Fusion Hybrid next.


Most cars these days with timing belts the water-pump gets replaced every 100k miles. 49k does seem awfully low.

Tires…49k for OEM tires…You’re doing real good. Most of the time I’m lucky to get 40k miles on OEM tires.

As for the brakes…Well I’m very amazed these need replacing. In a hybrid they should last MUCH MUCH LONGER. This car has a regenerative braking system. Part of the braking is done by diverting the energy to recharge the batteries. The pads don’t come into play as much. A friend has the Civic Hybrid with 140k miles on it…ORIGINAL PADS…they still look like years left on the pads.


I certainly hope that you did not spend any money for this repair!
Your 5 year/60,000 mile Powertrain Warranty should have covered this repair in total.

While it is disappointing to hear that the water pump needed to be replaced at only 49k miles, any mechanical part can fail earlier than expected–even on a Toyota or a Honda, or a Maybach. Things happen. Just be glad that you did not have to pay for this repair.

Ummmm…you didn’t pay for this repair, did you?


I wasn’t really all that concerned, since the repair was under Warrenty. I have a 2009 that needed the water pump replacement at 25K. I wasn’t aware of the early tire replacement issue nor the brake pads wearing due to the higher weight


Have you ‘heard’ that the brake pads wear out earlier, or did this happen to you? I’m with Mike, I’d expect brake pads to wear out more slowly because of the regenerative braking on your hybrid.