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2007 BMW 325 - Locked

2007 bmw325 car is locked and mobile. cannot start or shift transmission

Your problem description is confusing. Please be more clear.

Can you define “locked and mobile” for us?
If you can’t start the engine, I can’t imagine that this car is actually “mobile”.
Please… a LOT more details are needed.

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Not sure what “locked and mobile” mean… I picture an empty locked car rolling down hill, but I doubt that is what you mean.

Do you have the right key? Is the battery in the fob dead? Is the car’s battery dead?

That is the only scenario that I can picture, based on the OP’s description.


I think they meant ( immobile ) but I doubt if we will hear more from this person . Like so many on the Ask Someone site.


Yes, encountering a solid wall of snark certainly encourages new posters to return.


I think that you drastically overstated the nature of the responses.

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Your application for Moderator is in the mail .


When we are nice and give thoughtful suggestions, 99.5% of the time no response from the OP.
When we are snarky, 99% of the time there is no response from the OP.

I have tried the email option, still no response.


I presume you’re not suggesting “So we might as well have a little fun at the OP’s expense.”

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you think that is not in keeping with the spirit of the radio show? Did you ever listen to the show?

Half of what Click and Clack said would have been flagged on this forum.


What I would like to see is a format change to ‘Ask Someone’. A form that the poster fills out that prevents posting until all pertinent data is filled in.


I listened to the show for years and while I remember the guys dishing out some good-natured ribbing, I don’t remember them being outright mean. I don’t remember them telling anyone they didn’t deserve an answer. I don’t remember them waiting until someone hung up and then saying, “Boy, that guy was really dumb!” But then, perhaps my memory has faded?

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My favorite response to a caller was when a guy bought a new car and put a large bra on the front to protect the paint. It took him almost an hour to put it on. Then someone told him he should only use it around town because at high speeds it could flutter and damage the paint.

His dilemma was that once a week, he took an hour long trip to another town and he did not want to re-install it weekly

but it would take too long using back roads for the trip where he could go slowly, so could the brothers give him some advice.

One of the brothers told him to go to K Mart and get a parking space between two big 2 door American cars. He asked if he could get what he needed at K Mart and he was assured he could. He was instructed to spend plenty of time in K Mart, browse the whole store and maybe eat lunch there.

He asked what he should buy. They told him it didn’t matter, as long as he spent a couple of hours there because when he came out he would have door dings on both sides of his car and could get on with his life.

Not that I know anything about BMW but I simply could not figure out what was being said. If the car was locked or if the ignition was locked or both or neither. I just kept thinking of the guy that died when his friends locked him in and he couldn’t get out from the inside.

@oldtimer_11 reminded me. I’m not going to tell the story but we used to have a local ask the builder radio show on Saturday. A guy called in once asking about a creaking noise in the winter. Anyone who ever spent a little time in the north when the temps get close to or below zero, know this is normal as the wood contracts and bang every once in a while. At any rate they gave the guy such a hard time and convinced him the house was going to collapse and he should get out immediately. I suppose they lost a customer I dunno.

I suspect this is a case of needing a reset after a dead battery but the OP has apparently left the building.

any solution on this problem?

Considering that, 9 days later, the OP has never responded to our requests for clarification, I suspect that he will not return to tell us if (and how) it was resolved.

It is not even clear what the problem is .