2007 accent -faulty wiring

Greetings all.
I have a 2007 Hyundia Accent. About 6 months ago when I turn on my rear wiper the defrost all came on and vs versa.
This pass weekend the only way to get my dashboard light to work is to turn on the read wiper too.
I am a computer geek not a car buff.

So was wondering if any one has ny idea what is causing that, and what to look for, how to fix?
I have limited funds and need to keep this car going.

Hyundia and Kia will charge a small fortune to just look at it.

Thanks all

You have a major electrical problem. I’m going to guess it is in the heater controls - and maybe a ground.

Yes, this is going to be expensive for someone else to diagnose as it may require taking the entire dash apart. You say you are a computer geek, but you didn’t say if you are comfortable taking a computer apart or not - BECAUSE - If you have a repair manual, and can figure out how the electrical controls work, you might save yourself some time and money.

The alternative is to just live with it.

I can take any computer system apart, build them and so forth.

But dashboard, nada.

I need to find a cheap labour some where.

Prefer Kanata ontario where I live. LOL

thanks for the post

Is this is hatchback or a sedan? If it’s a hatchback, the first thing to do is uncover the wiring where it runs from the body into the hatch and see if it’s damaged from flexing over time. If so, this probably can be repaired with some splices pretty cheaply.

If that’s not the issue, I think going to a shop that specializes in auto electrical issues is your best bet, but they probably will be spending some time on it, unfortunately.

Hi its a hatchback , 3 door thingy.

So do i lay down under the steering wheel and lookup. not clue on cars.


Are you talking about the rear window defroster?

I am going to go in another direction. Is your battery original? Are connections clean? How about all the ground straps? A BCM needs clean power and good grounds. As a computer guy this is up your alley.

Michellia wrote:
So do i lay down under the steering wheel and lookup. not clue on cars.

I don’t know your car, so I can only guess. Open the hatch and look along the top edge for some kind of thick hollow rubber piece running from the body to the hatch. Most likely all of the wiring to the hatch (including the rear wiper that you mention) runs though there. See if you can get to the wiring inside without damaging the rubber piece. If so, see if the insulation on that wiring is damaged. If any bare wiring is touching the metal of the car, all sorts of strange electrical things can happen.

A good mechanic with a factory wiring diagram, and brains in his head ought to be able to figure this out, especially if the problem is occurring all the time now

But you’re going to have to pay for diagnosis. It’s only fair

If you want “cheap labour” you’ll have to do it yourself

How do you turn on the rear wiper vs turning on the defrost. I mean when it works correctly. I’m assuming it the rear defrost that is coming on, right? The kind that has heated wires in the rear glass?

Ok try to answer everyone.
Yes the rear wiper works when I turn it on. But the defrost on the rear wiper also comes on.
Now the dashboard lights only turn on when I turn on the rear wiper too.

The defrost is a button on the dashboard to turn on the defrost on the rear window.
But if I press that button it also now turns on the rear wiper.

So right now I need to turn on the rear wiper , witch turns on the defrost, and turns on the dashboard lights.

Fun huh!

Here’s where the worn harness theory is the best.
Oh, by the way, the wiring is not…’‘faulty’’. Something is broken, worn out, or mal-functioning on your eight year old vehicle .
I also like best the theory of the harness in the rear gate being the first potential suspect because that is where the most movment exists to cause wear through.
– but it could be any where. You will need to physically look at every inch.

Guess I will need to find a tech to look at it.