2006 VW Beetle - Battery Drains When Car Is Off

I’ve got a problem with the battery draining on a 2006 VW Beetle after the car sits for a few days. The battery is new. When tested by a mechanic, they can’t find any drain on the battery when the car is off. The car can be jump started and will run fine. All accessories are turned off when turning the car off. The sequence of events seems to be that the CD player will stop working and after a couple weeks if the car sits for a few days the car will need to be jump started.

It seems this has been reported on this site before but I didn’t see that is was resolved. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You need to do a load test on the battery and subsystems…there is a whole procedure to follow…then you pull each fuse one by one and stop when you notice the load drop to near zero…