2006 Volvo S60 - Overheated, Now No Power

I have 2002 Volvo S60 . Recently overheated replaced radiator and got some head gasket sealer . Since then my car has had poor acceleration it runs better when warmed up but still won’t go above 45mph at about 20mph it pulls back and gains a little more power … any inputs ?

My guess is the overheating caused some problem to the engine’s innards. A cylinder compression or leak down test is probably next. My guess is the cylinder head will have to be removed and a new head gasket installed. But don’t go by my guess, this sort of thing is what shops diagnose on a routine basis.

It had actually done the same thing last year when it was involved in a traffic accident radiator and bumper had to be replaced and had poor acceleration and started running better with time but I’m not too sure it’s the same now .

If you have a temp guage is it getting up to normal? above normal?

IMHO a Volvo this old, been overheated twice, plus had some unknown snake oil head gasket sealer added, should probably just be replaced. And personally I would go with something other than a Volvo. Just my opinion.

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Or, it is entirely possible that the cylinder head has become warped as a result of overheating.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking that’s why I went for a cheap repair instead of putting in money on a new gasket since I’ll be looking for something else soon . Thank you .