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2006 Toyota Corolla - water pump

I took my 2006 Toyota Corolla to have the radiator and water pump replaced and after the work was complete the dash board, gauges, and lights stopped working. The shop tells me the cars computer needs to be reflashed and that I am responsible for the cost of this. I disagree because this happened in the course of the shop working on my car. Who is responsible for the cost to correct this, me or the shop? How much does it cost to re flash a cars computer?

I doubt the car’s computer needs to be reflashed after a water pump replacement. I can’t diagnose what they screwed up, if anything, from here.

I’d suggest you take it to the Toyota dealer for diagnosis and repair. The diagnosis fee may be around $150 but it may give you some idea of who screwed up or if the car coincidentally had a second failure. If needs a reflash, at least the dealer can do it.

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It’s been my experience that “blaming the computer” is the last ditch, throwing hands up in the air, method of saying “we don’t have a clue.”:smile:


Sounds like they shorted something out and blew a fuse. Might look at the fuse(s) in the panel associated with dash operation. See if the other systems associated with the fuse are also not working:

Fuse position Name Amps
18 TAIL 15A Tail lights, license plate lights, instrument panel lights, instrument cluster lights
33 GAUGE 10A Gauges and meters, air conditioning system, daytime running light system, charging system, auto anti−glare inside rear view mirror, power windows, cruise control system, rear window defogger, back−up lights, front passenger’s seat belt reminder light

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The owners manual probably lists which components are protected by each fuse. That helps diagnose problems like this, even with no electrical troubleshooting expertise.

@DebraPalenik, what kind of shop did this work?
Dealer, franchise, or independent?