2006 Tiburon ac not working when stopped and engine overheating

My 2006 Hyundai Tiburon is having issues with the AC not working when the car is idling. In addition to the AC not blowing cold air, the engine is running hot, almost overheating,however when I get up to speed and start moving again the engine cools back down and the AC blows perfectly. I can smell the sweet smell of antifreeze coming from some where when I get out of the car and I can see that it is leaking under the hood somewhere but i dont see anything on the ground. Anybody know what is going on?

Open the hood, start the engine and turn the AC on.

Are both radiator cooling fans running?


A small coolant leak can evaporate on a hot engine and not reach the ground.

You have to look for wet marks and crusty residue on the rad and the ends of hoses. They can put dye in the fluid and find it with a black light. Also, check the bottom of the timing cover where the pump is.