2006 Subaru Legacy engine failures- leaking oil

  1. 10,000 miles original engine fails- cause according to dealer-oil loose filter from a quick oil change shop and low oil levels. Short block engine replaced by dealer at Subaru corporate cost.

    2) 20,000- engine fails- dealer said cause was loss of oil. Short block engine replaced by dealer. One head replaced.

    3) 21,000- nearly three quarts low on oil. Engine knock- valves maybe?

    Question- what is going on that causes this thing to keep losing oil even though the engine is being replaced.

The first time was shop error. My guess fixes where not 100% proper and or entire engine needing replacement.

Well, the first questions that I have are:

Did you continue to patronize a Quick Lube facility for maintenance after the first screw-up?

How often do you check your oil?

Wait a minute! Are you saying Subaru replaced the engine after they blamed the failure on a “quick-change” oil shop? I can’t believe they would do that. You’re a lucky person!

Where did the oil go when the engine failed at 20K? Why was there a loss of oil?

Is there a large oil spot where you park this vehicle? If not, the engine is burning oil.

If this were my car, I’d get rid of it, regardless of the loss. It’s probably going to be trouble forever.

One more question: Have you learned to stay away from “quick change” oil places?

I’m not really buying this story at this point since there has to be some details missing.
There is no way that Subaru “corporate”, or SOA, is going to pay for an engine that someone else screwed up. They are not THAT benevolent.

From the 10k miles mark on, are you still patronizing the fast lube facility?
Are you ever checking the oil level at all between those 10k mile intervals?