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2006 Rav4's engine dies for no reason

I recently took my 2006 Rav4 to be looked by Denny Heckers in St. Paul, MN and now it is dying on me. I mean the engine dies for no reason. When my wife turns the car on and left it for a few minutes after she came back the engine would be dead, I mean it’s dead silent with the lights all lit up. And then yesterday while traveling to Chicago on the highway, all of the sudden all of the lights on the dashboard came on and I realized that my wife was not lying. I realized that my car’s engine just literally died for no apparent reason. It would still turn on but why does it just die for no reason. It’s not light the temperature is high or over heating. It dies and then all you do is turn it off and then turn it back on. I am thinking the guys at Denny Heckers are basically playing games with my car because ever since I took my car to be looked at by then about a year ago I have been having a string of minor problems with it. Please help. I am thinking it has something to do with the programming of the car. I don’t think it’s anything major. I don’t believe anything is broken. Please help. Thanks!

So, why did you have it looked at the first time. First you say recently, then you say a year ago. It is always possible that a connector can be partially knocked off when things are being inspected. Right now it seems like you are trying to blame a shop for no good reason.

Since those of us who live outside of the St. Paul metropolitan area do not know what type of establishment “Denny Heckers” is, please clarify if this is a dealership or an independent mechanic. If it is an independent mechanic, I am wondering why you would have begun taking a 2006 car to them “a year ago”, while it was clearly still under warranty.

In fact, while the bumper-to-bumper warranty is very possibly expired by this time, it is very likely that the powertrain warranty is still in effect, and this could be an issue covered by the powertrain warranty. So, if the questionable diagnostic work was done by an independent mechanic, you need to get it to a dealership–especially if there is any warranty coverage left, be is the bumper-to-bumper or the powertrain coverage. If Denny Heckers is actually a dealership, then I would suggest that you get the Toyota regional office/zone manager involved since the problem likely originated prior to expiration of any warranties.

So—please clarify–what type of establishment is Denny Heckers, how many miles are on your odometer, and what type of warranty coverage is still in effect?

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