2006 Passat with electrical issues



I bought a 2006 used passat (in 2007)which now has a total of 13,600 miles. I don’t drive much at all. I’ve had electrical issues since I bought the car that have all been covered under the warranty (which ends in Jan. 2010). The electrical was replaced six months after I bought it but have continued to have problems such as I can’t get the car out of “park” (due to electrical). Although the miles are very low on the car, I’m now thinking of selling as I’m concerned about the upkeep. The dealer has also discussed fixing the breaks for $700 and with such low miles, I’m concerned I now own a money pit.

Should I trade in? Should I take it to another dealer for a second opinion?


Take the car somewhere else and check lemon law on your state, you should see a lawyer about and call your local VW representative, not this dealer. Do not let this people take advantage of you.


There’s no way your car should need any brake work at only 13,600 miles. Your VW dealer is trying to extract as much money as possible from you, and they don’t care if it’s necessary or not. They prey on their customers. It’s common with VW dealers.

The Passat has a well-deserved reputation for electrical problems, and they are all expensive to repair.

If I were in your position, I’d trade it for something, anything, with a better reliability rating.

The warranty is ending. If you keep this car the expensive repairs, and there will be more, will be paid out of your pocket.

Get rid of this car before it bankrupts you.


Personally I would sell it also. You won’t loose a lot likely as you smartly bought used. Find anything non European like a domestic or Asian car.


Take it to another dealer. Depending on the law in your state they must fix any related issue even after the warranty period. I personally would get an independent mechanic to evaluate the car. You should put no money in this car until the issue is solved. Even if the dealer claims it is a “per visit” fee tell them it is a PER ISSUE charge and they did no fix that worked. If they balk just make sure you have a cell phone and the zone representative for VW phone #. Document each issue you have with the car. Hand the dealer rep a copy and have him sign one of your own copies. Put this copy of your complaint in an envelope mailed to yourself. You keep this sealed until a lawyer gets involved. This is as rock solid as you can get. They own the problem under warranty until they fix it even if the warranty expires in the mean time.


Trade it in, The passat recently came in 98 of 100 as the most unreliable cars in the UK. I have a 2005 Sport TDI and just had to spend $1800 getting the electronic brake fixed. Is always breaking down, however I can get close to 60mpg out of it so its cheap on fuel.