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2006 Nissan Maxima Catalytic Converter Problem?


I recently passed my state inspection and my catalytic converter passed. I have had the car inspected by two different mechanics before the inspection and their opinion differ. One said that I needed to replace the converter and the other said no (although he did not inspect the car, only went on what I reported to him.)The car is dropping in power, jerks skips) when in motion. What should I do? I’m planning to drive about 380 miles to visit family but I don’t know if I should replace it before I leave later this week.The cost to replace it is very expensive and I don’t want to waste money. Please, please help! Any advice?

It isn’t your catalytic converter. your car is too new for it to be deteriorating. “Jerk skips” sounds like a sensor. What RPM does the “jerk skip” occur?

Thanks for your quick reply! I’m not sure what RPM stands for, sorry.

RPM = Rotations per minute. (Is the engine going fast or slow?)

Has the Check Engine Light been coming ‘on’? I suspect that you have been getting some warning that there is a problem with the emissions system. If the CEL has come ‘on’, did the mechanic read any codes on his handheld reader? If he/she wrote the codes down, share them with us.

The ‘jerk skips’ is most likely a cylinder miss which could damage the catalytic converter. By changing the CC you would be repairing possible damage but not solving the initial problem. The code might narrow down the miss to a cylinder which narrows the trouble shooting tree. BTW, how many miles on your Maxima? Have the spark plugs been replaced recently?

Hope to help if you can provide additional information.