2006 Malibu

I have a 06 Malibu, when I start my car is starts fine but after I turn it on all the lights on the dash go off except the check engine and anti-theft light. It doesn’t show the mileage or anything. The radio cuts off, the heater doesn’t work, unlock button doesn’t work and neither do the windshield wipers. I have no power steering. The radio has the message to check the airbag and check power steering. After waiting a couple minutes all the lights on the dash come on like someone is flicking a light switch off and on and I am all set to drive after that. This has never happened while driving. My headlights And brights both blew recently too, it seems to be connected with my problem. Has anyone had this problem or heard of anything like this?? Thanks

Sounds like a problem with the voltage regulator part of the alternator assembly. Have your charging system checked out. Be sure to clarify the symptoms to them, so they can know to look for problems upon start up.

The problem might be with the Body Control Module.

Every circuit you’re having issues with is controlled thru the BCM.

It can’t be the voltage regulator within the alternator because there isn’t one.The voltage is regulated thru the Engine Control Module.