2006 Lincoln Zephyr - pulley tightened too much

i tighten the pulley(water pump) to tight and i can’t get it off my tools won’t fit. HELP
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Am I reading that correctly, the tool you used to tighten it will not fit to loosen it?
As far as that goes, can you post a picture? Normally water pumps do not have removable pulleys.

sure it sit’s on top of water pump the clap

Why are you trying to remove the water pump pulley?

If you’re replacing the water pump, the new one has a pulley on it.

If you’re trying to remove the puller from the pulley, just remove the bolts and nuts that hold puller arms onto the puller.



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Looks like you might have bent the ribs on the pulley.


No idea what’s going on here but I’ve never had to use a puller to remove a pump pulley. Any press fit pulley should stay on the pump and never need to be removed or installed.

It’s a bit difficult for me to understand exactly what it is you were trying to do. Hopefully the pulley is not damaged because if so the belt will not last.

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The water pump drive pulley must be removed from the camshaft before the water pump can be removed. There is a specific puller used that attaches to the hub, a jaw type puller will damage the pulley.

I don’t know of any duratec that has a water pump drive pully run off of a camshaft.

This is a Duratec engine from a 2010 Ford Fusion, the water pump is on the left;

That’s been going on since the days of the Contour, I believe.

But why? What a cluster.

You put the water pump where there is room for it. Sometimes that means at the rear of the engine, and you need a belt to run it. Every Northstar is the same way. Toyota V8 engines put the starter under the intake manifold. Sometimes it’s just about packaging.

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That makes me feel nauseous. Forgive the intrusion though. I guess you learn new things here even without asking questions. Did a #3 coil and starter on a 3.0 and never even noticed the water pump.

Many Toyotas and Benzes have bolt-on water pump pulleys, just to name 2 manufacturers

And that’s not the water pump pulley op is trying to remove . . . but I have a feeling it’ll get damaged because that puller will damage the pulley, while at the same time not even removing it

Anyways, I have a feeling he needs a different puller/installer set. I suspect he needs this type of tool set to do the job

There is a puller set on Amazon for $115, there must also be pullers for less. A replacement pulley cost $12.25 plus shipping, since the pulley appears to be damaged I would cut pulley off and not purchase the puller.

The real problem with a water pump in this location is that it only pays a technician 2.1 hours (1 hour factory warranty) to replace the water pump and I need a special tool. I can get paid 6 to 10 hours warranty time to replace a water pump on certain Toyota vehicles with no special tools.

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