2006 Jeep Liberty Power Steering

I have a 06 Jeep Liberty and the power steering is randomly going out. Fluid is great holding full and not leaking. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold. More often at lower speeds but has done it a few times at higher speeds. The only almost regular time is when I pull into my garage at home. I am thinking the lil guy is being ornery not wanting to go home LOL. The randomness bothers me since if I take it to the mechanic I am afraid it won’t happen and they will think I am nutters.

Does it make noise at all? Could you describe exactly what you are experiencing when the power steering goes out randomly? I am intrigued because most people would not be able to detect a loss of power steering at high speed. Also, is this Liberty 4WD?

Nope no noise. It is 4wd. The steering wheel gets stiffer not as free moving. Sometimes turning corners it goes out and half way thru the turn comes back. Probably the only reason I notice is cause I am looking for it and trying to figure it out.

It sounds to me like the vehicle is engaged in 4WD or stuck in 4WD. The standard 4WD system in the Liberty is not intended to be used on pavement. It should only be used in very slippery conditions, like packed snow and ice, mud, or sand. In fact, using this 4WD system on dry or wet pavement can be downright dangerous due to the drive wheels attempting to rotate at the same speed. In a turn, all four wheels are turning at different speeds, and with both axles locked together, this is not allowed, resulting in parts binding or potentially breaking or wheel slip, whichever is the path of least resistance (normally wheel slip). The optional Selec-Trac system has a position for full time 4WD, which can be used on dry pavement, though I suggest using the 2WD position unless you are driving on snowy roads. If your vehicle is currently in 4WD, you need to put it in 2WD to make this problem go away. If the shifter is in 2WD, your vehicle may be stuck in 4WD and needs to be inspected by a competent mechanic familiar with 4WD systems.

Leoness, Are You the Original Owner ? Does The Manufactured Date On The Vehicle’s Label Indicate It Was Built Before April, 2006 ? Have You Had Any Recall Work Done ?

Many owners (not all 2006 Liberty models are involved) of 2006 Jeep Liberty vehicles built through March 15, 2006 (the 2006 model-year probably began August, 2005) were notified of a (front) lower ball joint RECALL.

Water can enter the joints and cause the ball joints on some recalled vehicles and cause corrosion and eventually possible separation of the joint causing possible loss of control of the vehicle.

Before driving again, If you haven’t been informed of a recall or haven’t had a recall performed, I’d call a Jeep dealer with the VIN (vehicle identification number) handy and have them check for any outstanding recalls.


I will have that checked out. In the 2 years I have owned it I have never used the 4 wheel drive but others do drive my car.

I am not the original owner and it was built before 3/15/06 but I was also in a bad accident 10 months ago and most of the front end was rebuilt. The problem started 5 months after the rebuild.

The Original Owner(s) Very Well Could Have Had The Ball Joint Recall Done, But Maybe Not. The Accident Could Have Involved Ball Joints, But Maybe Not.

Usually the manufacturer will track you down through the car registration and notify you, as a second owner, of outstanding recalls, but why chance it ? Recalls are free or nearly so. It would behoove you to contact a dealer.

Which part of the vehicle was involved in the accident, the center front, a corner of the front ? Was the car driveable following the accident ? Was a wheel / tire impacted ? Which one ? To give an idea of the severity of the damage, do you know what was replaced / repaired or the approximate dollar amount of the repairs ?

I’m asking because sometimes it’s possible to relate problems to a previous collision and repairs. Sometimes an insurance case has to be reopened if the problem appears to obviously relate. Was this covered by insurance ?


The repair costs were over $14,000. The right front corner and side. It was not drivable the front axle was broken in half. Looking over the damage report the front suspension was all replaced including ball joints.

Sorry To Have Caused You To Even Think About The Accident. We Seem To Have Several Things Here That Are Possibilities.

Did you get a chance to check out Mark9207’s suggestion regarding 2WD vs. 4WD, yet ?

Was the Jeep repaired at an idpendent body shop or was the shop part of a Jeep or Jeep / Chrysler dealership complex ?


I did engage my 4wd and then took it out of it. Today it didn’t cause any problems so hoping that may have been it. Knock on wood.