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2006 Jeep Commander - Hot

I am original owner of 2006 Jeep Commander that I love, one of the more basic models with only 4x4 and rear a/c in it as extras. 6 cylinder. Rarely had issues with it until at 134,000 miles someone started it up, drove 1/4 mile in reverse and shut it off. 2 minutes later we went 1/4 mile forward and the engine light came on and stayed on. Ended up getting a remanufactured Jasper motor put in, was told my original motor was in great shape except for the one ruined cylinder, very clean. Before new motor put in Jeep always was nicely warm even without being turned on, now it is downright hot in Jeep without fan being turned on. Temperature gauge reads right below halfway, which is where it ran before new motor. I drove most of those 134,000 miles and it never overheated on me. Is this temperature inside the Jeep being so hot something to worry about?

If the temperature gauge doesn’t show the engine is overheating, it just means the vehicle has a damn good heater,


As long as the engine is not overheating you should be alright. You may have a blend or mode door problem. They direct how much heat to disperse and where it is dispersed to.