2006 Honda Odyssey Steering Wheel Wobble

Off late my Honda Odyssey steering wheel wobble beyond 60MPH ONLY while going STRAIGHT and foot off of the GAS (which enters eco mode).
My mechanic looked at it and said, it is not alignment or any mechanical issue. I looked at the other posts and I could not find any closer to this.

One more thing, I have got the Steering Pump fixed as part of a Recall ( at slow speeds, while turning makes a lot of noise)

Thanks in advance

These vans are very sensitive to the balance of the front tires. You could try exchanging front tires with the rears. The real solution is to have your front tires balanced with a Hunter Road Force balancer. Ask your shop if they have this.

Otherwise, new front tires will solve this too. I know, I just had this exact problem in my 02 Ody.

We own an 01 Odyssey. There is a chronic problem with the engine mounts and the symptom is exactly as you describe. There are five engine mounts and we’ve replaced all five over the past few years. My wife loves that van but it has not lived up to Honda’s normal level of reliability.

“These vans are very sensitive to the balance of the front tires.”

Hmmm…This makes me wonder if the OP’s Odyssey is equipped with Continental tires.
While the OEM Continental tires on my 2011 Outback provided decent handling, low noise level, and a good ride quality, I found them to be the worst tires I ever had in terms of the necessity for an excessive number of balance weights and the need to use a Hunter Road Force balancing machine. Balancing the tires with any other equipment just did not do the job, unfortunately.

Edited to add:
Apparently, my experience with these Continental Conti Pro-Contact tires is not unique. On the Outback.org website, a huge number of people complained about balance problems with these OEM tires.

What type of tires are on this Odyssey?