2006 Honda CRV

I understand that if i want to change the battery in my CRV that I should apply some voltage to my battery cables while I have the old battery removed & installing new one. If I hook up a small 9 volt battery would that be sufficient voltage ? Please reply soon . Thanks.

Probably not, and that is very close to a definite. The only big problem with changing the battery old-school way is that the radio will reset and ask you for the security code. Make sure you have the radio code, even if you find a good back up source. Call local auto parts store and see if they provide this service free when you buy a battery from them; most do.

They sell a little device you can plug into a cigarette lighter while you change your battery that will keep your radio settings and such

But…what do you do if the cigarette lighter circuit on a particular car is not “hot” when the ignition is off?
I have always wondered about that detail.

No idea. But I’ve read where some places use something like that to keep the presets intact.

The radio code was in an envelope that came with the CRV. If you don’t have it, Honda will help you out. Just get the code before you change the battery. The security code is a radio theft deterrent.

click here for instructions: https://radio-navicode.honda.com/

If the cigarette lighter is not hot when the ignition is off, then it is on the accessory circuit with the radio. The radio will probably come on when you insert this device as will any other accessory and stay on while the battery is being replaced or until the 9v battery attached to it goes dead.

“If the cigarette lighter is not hot when the ignition is off…”

It is likely no hot - my Accord isn’t