2006 GMC Sierra SLT 1500 4X4 Transfer case shift

I sure could use some help with this. My switch on the dash went out. I tested it and it was bad. So I replaced it. Sill no shift. Stuck in Auto 4 wheel. Transfer case shift motor sounded like it was trying to work. Tried a know good shift module. Sill no shift. I just got a new shift motor put in and now its in neutral and wont shift into 2 or 4 wheel drive. Any ideas? If I can just get it into 2 wheel drive I would be happy for now till I can find the problem.

I found the problem. After pulling the 4x4 shift module again. I found a wire that was broken. It has been bare for awhile as it was green. A new wire and I am good to go. Man I am getting to old (and to big) to be under a dash. LOL

Good for you for finding the problem @oldbodyman . On my early 70’s Ford 4wd truck I have a problem with my xfer case shifter too. It has the J pattern shifter on the floor. Maybe it is a reverse J, been so long since I tried it. Anyway, in my case it won’t reliably stay in 4 wheel - LO position, it sometimes fall out into 4W-neutral, esp during accelerations. My low tech solution is to use my arm and push it back in when it comes out. This is a known problem for this make/model/year, and there’s a tech fix available, but it requires removing the xfer case. So I’ve been sticking w/the low tech solution.

@GeorgeSanJose I had the same problem on my YJ Jeep. It was a easy fix. The linkage was a fixed rod. I made a new one that was adjustable. A little adjusting and no more problem.