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2006 Ford Mustang - when to change oil when storing for the winter?

I store my Saleen Mustang from Nov to May. What would you say is the best result regarding oil change, before storage going into winter hibernaton or when its taken out of storage for the summer fun. I start it every few weeks during this period. When I ask my “car guy friends” what they do,it’s a 50/50 split. What’s your opinion. Bye the way I’ve done both.

Don’t take this the wrong way . . .

Starting the car every few weeks while it’s being stored . . . and presumably not actually driving it . . . isn’t doing you or the car a bit of good.

Either keep a trickle charger attached . . . or disconnect the battery, and charge as needed, when you’re ready to put the car back into regular service


If you’re going to start it during hibernation, it doesn’t matter when you change the oil because you’ll be polluting it significantly due to the short run periods.

Here’s what I do- I change the oil right before it’s put to bed for winter. That removes all of the acidic oil that your bearings and other engine components would be basking in all winter. Then I leave it alone until spring when I bring it back out of storage. Batteries get removed and trickle charged each month…

Yes, change the oil before you store it and don’t start it for only a few minutes. If you give it a good run on a day when there isn’t salt, that is one thing. Starting it and letting it idle is not good at all. I also change the oil before putting lawn equipment away for the winter as well.