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2006 Ford Focus mpg drop

Approx 3000 miles ago( 6 months) I had intake flushed for hard to activate throttle at Ford dealership’s recommendation. Immediately I noticed a 5 mpg drop ( from 29 to 24).Dealer says there are no adjustments they made or can be made. What could have happened to cause that mileage loss and what can I do to restore it?

I would start with checking your air pressure in your tires. Make sure they are inflated to the proper pressure listed in your owner’s manual or the placard on your vehicle. If that checks out then you need to have a good mechanic check out the fuel delivery system on the Escort (leaking injectors, ect). Has your driving habits or routes changed at all? Winter gas and ethanol blends can also lower your fuel economy.

Actually, the summer blends of fuel lower fuel economy. The oxygenaters demanded by EPA, like ethanol and others, reduce the amount of burnable fuel by volume and drop the mileage by a measurable amount.

Also, now that the intake is clean, you may be romping on the gas pedal too hard. Try driving as if you have an egg under the gas pedal. Don’t let the engine RPM’s go above 2500. See if that affects the next tank of gas.

My experience is that winter blends lower fuel economy in my area of the world. I have heard that summer blends will do the same thing. I don’t really know but all the articles I have read say “Winter blends of gasoline will cause a drop in fuel economy because they contain less energy per volume than summer blends of gasoline”. I know for a fact that ethanol will reduce fuel economy and I avoid it whenever I can.