2006 Ford Focus - Fan on a lot

2006 mondeo fan comes after just a short run. have changed thermostat, water pump, radiator and fan modual, still comes on and the temp gauge is still normal and running at 106 c whot to do next,

Sounds like it is working as intended. Will run more often when using the AC.

Engine gets warm, fan comes on, what is the problem ?

On many cars the fan runs all the time when the AC or the defroster is on.

I don’t see a problem here . . . ?

You threw parts at a car that was working too well? I’m struggling to find a way to spin this in your favor. Could it be that the weather is hotter than it was when it was running less, and not that you just didn’t notice until recently how often it runs?

I’ve noticed the cooling fan on my fuel-injected Honda Shadow runs more than the one I had that had a CV carburetor, but the carb version had a knob that allowed me to control the idle speed, and I kept it pretty low.