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2006 Ford Explorer - Whining Noise on Acceleration

About 2 days my car started making a whining noise when I accelerated my car. My dad took it to the mechanics. I want to know what the possible problems are. I do want to mention that the mechanic told me dad it had to do something with the radiator or transmission.

Post a sound clip,that would help a lot.

A sound clip would be interesting to hear. I have a '10 Ford Eacape and have a bit of a subtle whining noise upon excelaration, similar maybe to a squeaking wheelbarrow wheel but not really too loud, hopefully it stays that way. I’ve heard wheel bearings are a common repair on Escapes, also wonder if maybe changing the transfer case fluid would help.
After buying the vehicle I realised it had about 3 quarts too many of engine and transmission oil. Both oils were crystal clear which led me to believe it was only recently overfilled by the car lot service department.