2006 Ford Explorer Transmission noise

Truck has 38K on it. Tranny seems to be working fine. Today I just happened to have my head out the door while parking and heard a low volume, high pitched whirl/squeal come from the Tranny as I moved the shifter from D to R. I moved the shifter back to D and heard an unusual “click”. I then moved the lever back to R and heard the squeal again. I have no knowledge of Auto trannies. I plan to check the fluid level ASAP but other than that I’m clueless. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful Thanks in advance.

I would not blame the transmission right off the bat. It could be a universal joint going bad. These are on both ends of the driveshaft to allow the driveshaft to bend at the transmission and the rear axle.

BTW, good luck checking the transmission fluid. About 2004, Ford stopped using transmission dipsticks, and the current method to check the fluid is to remove a plug on the side the the transmission near an exhaust pipe, while the engine is running and the transmission is fully warmed up. Also, the truck should be level.