2006 F250 6.0L won't start and the dealership doesn't know why

My uncle’s 2006 F250 6.0L turns over the engine when you try to start it, but won’t fully start.

The dealership has replaced the alternator 3 times and the battery is fully charged.

Well THAT seems like 3 too many alternators to me. Find a better dealer, this one is monumentally incompetent.


This should not be hard to fix. Is this an actual Ford dealership ? If it turns over why is the alternator being replaced ? Usually when someone is trying to get help for someone else there can be a misunderstanding so do you have better info and has another shop looked at this vehicle.

My uncle no longer likes to take his vehicles into the mechanic shops, but his friend has looked at it and has said that it’s an electrical problem and then he said it’s a fuel problem.

I agree with you on that for sure.

OK, we just have found the problem . Unless he uses a real shop with real mechanics then the both of you are just wasting time.

Also, every once in a while the truck will work for a while, but then it stops working again.

so you have no suggestions of what the problem may be, so I can possibly fix it while I’m visiting my uncle?

This is what I found on YouTube:
-IPR valve
-ICP sensor
-bad oil pressure switch
-bad oil seal for the pump
-glow plugs
-dummy plugs
-wait until the glow plug light goes out before starting.

… My dad suggests starting with the cheapest solution and making your way through the more pricier solutions until the problem is fixed.

The no-start problem might be caused by a faulty crankshaft position sensor.



That is a good way to spend money and not solve the problem .

Why is a 13-year-old truck being taken to a dealership? Were the second and third alternators replaced under warranty (for the first replacement alternator, not the truck’s warranty)?

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The question is has he asked for your help ? You don’t sound like a diesel mechanic so if you can’t fix it how mad is going to be at you. Remember , No good deed goes unpunished .

Diesel engine cranks but won’t start in cold weather, got to think glow plugs to start with. Injector pump next. Then whatever’s in the path from the tank to the injector pump.

I suppose it could also be the cranking isn’t robust enough. Maybe borrow a known good & fully charged battery as a test. A battery just being fully charged is necessary but isn’t sufficient, it has to be tested as “good” too, with a load or conductance test. If it cranks too slowly with a known good battery, could be a starter motor problem.

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It is the bad oil seals on the oil pump, which is the same problem with my dad’s F350 7.3L.