2006 f150 4x4 low light on (I didn’t engage 4x4)

Hello friends,

New issue on my recent truck handed down to me. The 4x4 low light engages on the dashboard without me touching the 4x4 control. The car thinks it in 4x4, the speedometer will even read low mph, ie 10mphs, but I was cruising at 40mph. It won’t get out of this mode unless I unhook the battery. Then it goes back to normal and we drive it for awhile. Then it happens again a few weeks later.

Any ideas? I was thinking of swapping out the solenoids first.

A bad solenoid is a possibility, but my gut is saying it’s a faulty 4wd switch. You might also have a bad speed sensor.

Good info. I ordered a solenoid for 10 bucks already with the new and improved cover. Guess a common issue is water getting into it so either way the new design is an improvement and potential preventative for future issues. Guess I’ll see if that’s the issue and if not I’ll look into the switch!

Solenoid didn’t solve the issue :confused:

Guess I’ll order a new dash switch and swap that. See if it fixes the issue