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2006 Dodge Charger - Drain the tank?

Hello car talk. I have a 2006 Dodge Charger RT. It’s been sitting for a year with 3/4 tank of fuel in it. I’m hesitant to start it with the old fuel, as I don’t want to take any chances on messing up the fuel injection system at all. Can you please give me a game plan to mitigate any future fuel system problems. Thank you so much. Shawn

If you are worried about this, drain the tank and refill with fresh fuel. If the car is going to sit for any length of time in the future, use fuel stabilizer in the tank.

That said, add some fresh fuel to the tank and a bottle of Techron fuel injector cleaner and run the car. Add fresh fuel at 1/2 tank point and drive on.

Just smell the gas to see if it still smells like gas. I really don’t think a year old gas is going to be a problem. Probably on the edge and wouldn’t want to go two years but if it smells ok, I’d do as @Mustangman suggested and run the tank out.

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That sounds like a great approach and proactive practice in the future. Thank you so much. This is definatly a life lesson learned.

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