2006 Corolla. Headlights and Radio not working

Both headlights stopped working at the same time. The left headlight turns on if I slap it. The right headlight doesn’t respond to slapping. Checked the fuses and they were good. Replaced bulb on right headlight and it worked. Next day both headlights quit working again unless I slap the left it returns and the radio is off now too. I am lost. All other lights, electrical are working fine.

Make sure both socket connectors behind your headlights are pushed all the way in and locked in position,

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I agree with @COROLLAGUY1 this is a textbook electrical connection issue. The problem resides in the plug for the lights. Often those connectors degrade or become loose and barely grip the tang on the headlight bulb. This is can actually be a bit dangerous because when that connection isnt nice and tight the lost surface area at the connector created a lot of resistance (read heat) and can melt the connector and wires at the bulbs.

Make sure you have good plug connections, sometimes you can disassemble them and bend them back into shape…other times you need to cut them off and replace them.

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Thanks guys. I’ll give that a shot. What about the radio not getting power now also though? That happened the day after I replaced the headlight. Maybe I didn’t get a fuse in all the way when I was checking them. I go through everything again. Thanks

Use a digital volt meter to quickly test continuity on all the fuses… Each fuse has test points on the top surface for just such an operation. Set meter to continuity and run the probes on each of the fuses top test points… Sometimes its hard to see a blown fuse…but the dvm wont miss one.