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2006 chevy truck

i have a 2006 chvey silverado and the check engine light keeps coming on. i have had it checked and they tell me the engine is not getting hot enough, even though it is getting hot and the heater works great. they said it could be either the thermostat or a sensor. any help would be appreciated.

The coolant temperature sensor can be tested, as can the ACTUAL temperature of the coolant. There should be no guesswork here.

You can’t go by the dashboard gauge to tell the true temperature of the coolant.

it dont seem to affecting anything, so what could happen if i keep running like this.

The engine isn’t operating at peak efficiency when running cold. (it’s burning more fuel than it would if at proper operating temp)

Now, you’re going to think/say, “I don’t see any difference in the mpg”.

No, it’s likely you won’t, because it’s so little it probably won’t be noticed, but the fact remains.

 I bought, and still have, a 96 Dodge van new and the gage never did read normal but is seemed hot so I just drove it 119k miles.  Still runs fine, puts out good heat, and has never had the thermostat changed.  By the way I am still waiting for the Alternator to conk out.

In addition, if your thermostat is stuck in the open position, your engine’s bearings will experience slightly faster wear, and your motor oil will need to be changed more often.

Oil needs to be run most of the time at normal engine operating temperature, or it will build up contaminants much more quickly. The presence of these contaminants accelerates engine wear.