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2006 Chevy Cobalt stalls in drive, not in reverse

I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt and am currently stranded with my husband. Last night as we were about to head home from visiting family 3hrs away, we got off at an exit and as we were stopping about to go again because the light turned green, the car stalled. We had to start it a bunch of times just to get it to the nearest gas station about an eighth of a mile down the road. The message on the dashboard said “engine power reduced”. We looked up that message online and a few posts said to disconnect the battery. We did that a few times but when we went to go, it kept doing what it did before, stalling. We were almost to the road and decided we weren’t going to make it so we put it in reverse and it drove just fine back to a parking spot. Does anyone know why it would stall idling and in drive but not in reverse?? We are baffled and currently waiting on a tow. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I think your car went into limp mode to protect itself.

Something triggered it to go into this limp mode because the computer determined that if you drive normally you will do major harm.

Is there an engine light on. If so , you need to get the codes read and go from there.


This is a longshot but if it only stalls in drive but not in reverse it could be the lockup torque converter clutch not unlocking. Try this - start the engine - quickly shift into “2” position and see if it still stalls. Pass through drive as quickly as possible.

+1 on the torque converter clutch stuck on. This was a common problem for GM for years. Solenoid would stick in the on position.