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2006 Chevrolet Colorado has needed three new engines

Why is the 4 cylinder a piece of crap mine has been replaced 3 times

What are you doing to the engine to cause it to need to be replaced?

Much like divorces. One time is on GM. 2 times and maybe there is another player. 3 times, its on you!


This engine design has had some top end issues . . . severe misfires due to valve-train issues. Pitted valve seats, for example, causing very low compression

All motors were replaced for exact same reason? In racing they would fix that issue and than wait for the next issue to pop up. And so on.

Steven , could you return and give more info as to why you have had 3 engines and at whose expense ?

Perhaps they are using pre-1975 Chevrolet Vega engines.:wink:

First off. Define “new engines”.

I have a feeling what you’re referring are boneyard engines and those are NOT new. They’re simply new to the vehicle they’re installed in.
Kind of like that “new” old girlfriend who has decided to start coming around again…

Given the modern day lacy of not changing the motor oil frequently and/or never checking the motor oil level I can’t say as that I would ever consider a boneyard motor anymore unless it’s etched in stone that they will conver any and all costs related ot the motor installation.

I mentioned that this family of engines has been known to have top-end problems

What if the first engine had valve train problems, resulting in very low compression and severe misfires, and somebody decided to install a used engine with a good amount of miles on it?

Then a few years later, that used engine also had the same problem as the first?

Installing used engines could be swapping your problems for somebody else’s problems, or future repeats of the same scenario(s)

There are some engine designs out there, where I would not risk installing a used engine . . . unless I planned on flipping the car the very next day